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Bounce Back Brighter Initiative

Montclair California, June 15, 2021 – Today ATG LED Lighting launched the new “Bounce Back Brighter” initiative to help people in the lighting industry get back to work Brighter than ever!

ATG LED Lighting is introducing and improving various innovative tools deigned to increase efficiency during the pandemic, ATG’s initiative seeks to make getting back to the new normal more productive whether you are going back to the office or still working remote. We invite you to take some time and experience the “MyProject” hybrid shopping experience or try out all the value-added services which includes FREE Site Surveys, Photometric Layouts, the chat-based rebate finder from BriteSwitch and the new ROI calculator.

Get Back to Work Brighter!

As a distributor you can now gain access to ATG’s online portal to get real-time inventory and check order status. ATG’s 2021 Buyer’s Guide is also ready and available for download and a hard copy can be requested. Needless to say, ATG LED Lighting now has a complete lighting package which includes Indoor, Outdoor (including poles), and a full controls line up which includes both Bluetooth Mesh and standalone wireless products.

Eric Cai, VP ATG Electronics, commented “2020 was such a challenging year for everyone. In the absence of a vaccine, it was our goal to improve our electronic footprint so our agents, clients and distributors could still be productive while working from home. Now with the advent of COVID-19 pandemic resolving, it is so gratifying that these tools can really help people with the transition back to work.”   Take a new look ATG LED Lighting and “Bounce Back Brighter” than ever!

Original Press Release posted on Edison Report.

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Atg Commercial Lighting 2021 Buyer's Guide
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Maximum Lighting Control with Plug-and-Play Sensors

ATG LED Introduces New GEN 3 High-Bay Series with Plug-and-Play Sensors for Maximum Lighting Control

We have introduced a new lineup of industry-leading GEN 3 led high bays that include Plug-and-Play sensors for maximum lighting control, more energy savings and top-tier rebates. Through this new lineup, ATG is focusing on high-bay fixtures that generally consume the most wattage of any indoor led fixture. ATG has all the most popular designs and wattages required in both round (Helix) and linear (Skyline) high-bay form factors with wattages ranging from 85W through 300W.

Check out the new BriteSwitch Rebate Assistant to see all the best rebates available in your area!

The new low voltage Plug-and-Play Sensors are powered by way of dimming driver with a 12v current sourcing lead which is standard on all high-bay fixtures in the lineup. The Sensors can be added on at the factory at the time of order or they can be added later, in the future, as all luminaires are plug-in ready with sensor receptacles on-board. The sensors are seamlessly integrated into the design and are commissioned via handheld remote for both motion control and daylight harvesting. The perfect placement of the sensors eliminates all balance issues commonly seen in other less competitive high-bays.

The Plug and Play sensor series further expands ATG’s rapidly growing lighting controls portfolio which includes state-of-the-art Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Controls along a with a variety of other Stand-Alone wireless control products.

Original Press Release posted on Edison Report.

2021 Buyer’s Guide

The 2021 Buyer’s Guide showcases the Company’s extensive line-up of high quality commercial and industrial LED Luminaires and Lamps.

The new 85- page catalog details the Company’s four major product categories including luminaires for Outdoor applications (including round and square poles), luminaires for Indoor applications, a complete line of LED Wireless Controls (including both Bluetooth mesh and stand-alone controls) and LED tubes.

Atg 2021 Buyer's Guide Feats

For 2021, there is a brand new “Features Key” which defines all the various logos and icons which are common in the lighting industry. Each and every page details various ratings for the product such as dimmability, warranty and UL/ETL ratings and specific performance data.

Viewers of previous publications will be surprised at the rapid growth of the ATG’s product line with many new products including stairwell lighting, sports flood lighting, downlights, exit and emergency, and a new floodlight series to mention just a few. Additionally, ATG LED has included a section dedicated to useful tips of information Including a HID-to-LED conversion table, IES recommended footcandle levels by application and the definitions of IP and IK ratings.

Atg 2021 Buyer's Guide

Utility Rebate Finder

Img 20210405 Wa0004

ATG recently upgraded its web-based Rebate Finder by partnering with BriteSwitch.  For over 12 years, BriteSwitch has helped business owners, facility managers, contractors, and distributors understand and take advantage of rebates and incentives for the installation of energy efficient LED lighting in commercial and industrial buildings across the US & Canada.  BriteSwitch offers a unique, chat-based platform that provides all the critical rebate information customers will need to maximize their rebate dollars on every lighting project.  Customers will be impressed with the ease of use and the information provided.  A simple to use Energy Savings Calculator is also available.  Completing the web-based form will take about two minutes, and it will produce useful information on a project’s annual energy savings.

Also, by partnering with BriteSwitch, the ATG team has access to the BriteSwitch RebatePro database.  Using a sophisticated algorithm, RebatePro can find the geographies with the highest rebates for a specific product.  We can then export that information to an Excel file and send it to our customers so they can focus their sales and marketing efforts accordingly.

Our customers should consider the following as they plan to access utility rebate and incentive dollars in 2021.

  • 2020 was an incredibly tough year.  Just as we have seen in previous times of economic turmoil, like the financial crisis of 2008, rebates increased to spur participation. Because of this, 2021 is shaping up to be a solid year for commercial lighting rebates.
  • Currently, 74% of the US is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program, so most businesses in the country have a rebate available to them.
  • For the first time in years, the average prescriptive rebate for LED products did not go down year over year.  Historically, the rebate amounts for LEDs have fallen between 10% and 20% every year, so staying flat is a significant improvement.
  • Rebates for lighting controls have been remarkably stable over the years, especially when compared to LEDs. In fact, looking at rebates over the last 10 years for all controls, there has been no change in the average rebate amounts across all categories.
  • On average, it took 22% longer to get pre-approval (now 22 days) and 40% longer to get the rebate check (38 days). This trend is expected to continue in 2021, so plan enough time for pre-approval before beginning a project.

We are confident the ATG/BriteSwitch partnership will help customers maximize their utility rebate and incentive dollars, close more sales, and make greater profit margins on every project!

Wireless Control Platform – Bluetooth Mesh

Atg Mcwong Wireless Control

ATG LED Lighting and McWong International have joined together to introduce Bluetooth® Mesh Solutions! 

ATG LED Lighting introduces a new wireless control platform in collaboration with McWong International based on McWong’s TruBlu™ DLC-certified, SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh solution.  The system is suitable for controlling indoor or outdoor lighting, including light fixtures in one room, multiple rooms, multiple floors, or outdoor spaces such as parking lots, walkways, and façade lighting. The solution is suitable for schools, hospitals, industrial park buildings, warehouses, and much more. Programming is completed on a PC, tablet, or smart phone and training can be accomplished in under an hour.

TruBlu system components include a Bluetooth mesh enabled, bi-level dimming, indoor/outdoor PIR/microwave/ultrasonic sensor w/ load switch, a Bluetooth mesh enabled, bi-level dimming, single or dual channel fixture controller, a Bluetooth mesh enabled, wireless wall switch, a low voltage power supply, and a low voltage power pack w/ relay.  TruBlu commissioning tools, utilizing McWong’s technology partner Silvair’s software interface provides for a PC & iOS phone app for setup & commissioning, drag & drop from site plans or floorplans, grouping/dimming/white tuning/daylighting/remote accessing/energy monitoring, three levels of security access, and automatic fixture location.

ATG LED Lighting also provides its customers with a suite of 0-10V wireless lighting controls operating at 433Mhz.  This system includes a power pack 0-1 0V dimming module which controls a load according to the command sent from a sensor or dimmer, a wireless PIR occupancy / vacancy sensor which detects peoples movement to see if the space is occupied, then sends wireless commands to the dimming module to control the light (on/off/dim) automatically, a wireless daylight harvesting sensor which measures light in the space, then transmits the light level to the associated dimming module that automatically controls the lights to balance the light level in the space, and a wireless dimmer which can be used to manually turn on/off and dim lights.

ATG LED Lighting continues to offer wireless lighting controls where programming is achieved through a simple, handheld radio frequency remote control.  Multiple sensors and remote-control options are available including IR-TECH’s TRANS sensor remote programmer, the RC-100 sensor remote programmer, digital high/low/off passive infrared sensors, a high bay sensor, a high/low/off PIR photo/motion sensor, a bi-level and on/off sensor, a bi-level and daylight harvesting sensor, a microprocessor photocell, and a button photo control.

This trio of wireless control systems enable our customers to address virtually all their control needs for their everyday jobs and they provide additional value to our customers because many utility companies provide higher rebates when a fixture is controlled, and in some cases, the rebate dollars can pay for greater than half of the installed cost of an entire project.

For more information, contact your local ATG LED Representative or call ATG at (951) 245-6222.

Read more about the wireless control platform on Edison Report

We invite you to browse through our Bluetooth Mesh ready devices.

Wireless Lighting Controls

Continued Expansion of our Rep Network

Montclair, CA, December 16, 2020 -Today, ATG LED Lighting announced a further expansion of their professional sales representative network. As ATG LED Lighting evolves, there is a continued requirement to add new representation to support their rapid growth plans. Today’s announcement included the addition of seven (7) new agencies with three in the Western Region and four in the Eastern Region:

  • Colorado – Integrity Sales Group
  • Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) – Deco Lights
  • Arizona – Absolute Sales Group
  • South Florida – Focus Point Lighting
  • Southern NY/ Northern NJ – New Gen Lighting
  • Central & N. Virginia – Old Dominion Lighting
  • Eastern Virginia – Old Dominion Lighting

Specific details regarding each agency can be found with a click on the Company’s rep locator. ATG is continuing to consider new agencies as there are still some open territories – particularly in the Eastern Region. Interested parties can visit the Company’s website or send an email to

About ATG LED Lighting ( – Always Think Green

Founded in 2001, a group of visionary engineers started ATG Electronics in California. Today we are one of the most recognizable brands in the world for retrofitting conventional lights with LEDs, delivering great value to our customers, helping save energy and protecting the environment. ATG is a holder of multiple patents in the United States and China. Our products are certified appropriately Energy Star, UL, cUL, ETL, KEMA, CE, RoHS, GS and PSE. The Company also operates two ISO9001 certified factories and has extensive expertise in international logistics.

Indoor and Outdoor Product Portfolio

Montclair, CA, December 16,2020 – ATG LED Lighting, A division of ATG Electronics, has announced they are finishing the year strong with significant extensions to their product line in both the Indoor and Outdoor product categories. With respect to the Indoor product category, the company introduced a full line of Exit an Emergency fixtures along with two state-of- the-art stairwell fixtures. These product introductions allow ATG to now compete across-the-board on most indoor projects. Introduced as part of the “DUO” product family, The stairwell fixtures are completely color and wattage selectable allowing clients and specifiers to choose the color temperature and power consumption they desire. The stairwell fixture adds to the DUO lineup that already consists of LED panels, Architectural Troffers and Downlights. All sensors and battery packs are internally mounted for a clean look. The stairwell fixtures come in both surface and corner mount configurations.

The exit in emergency product introduction included a total of five (5) new products including Exit, combination units that includes both Exit and Emergency lights, and dedicated emergency lights for both indoor and wet locations.

In the Outdoor category, the company introduced two very important product extensions. The first was the next generation sports lighting fixture, the “Ultra”. The Ultra is a professional grade sports lighting fixture for use in applications that range from park and rec all the way to semi-professional. The product is available from 300W to 1200W with many beam spreads to choose from. The Ultra is also available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures.

The other outdoor announcement included a new line of floodlights branded of the “ECO” series. The ECO series has a very sleek design and is available from 30W all the way up to 300W for a wide range of applications. The products can be mounted in a variety of different ways including a trunnion mount, wall mount, knuckle mount and slip-fitter. The ECO series comes ready to except controls such as button and pin photocells.

Learn more about these exciting new products, and the entire ATG product line, by visiting the company website:

About ATG LED Lighting ( – Always Think Green

Founded in 2001, a group of visionary engineers started ATG Electronics in California. Today we are one of the most recognizable brands in the world for retrofitting conventional lights with LEDs, delivering great value to our customers, helping save energy and protecting the environment. ATG is a holder of multiple patents in the United States and China. Our products are certified appropriately Energy Star, UL, cUL, ETL, KEMA, CE, RoHS, GS and PSE. The Company also operates two ISO9001 certified factories and has extensive expertise in international logistics.

MyProject Hybrid Shopping Experience

Montclair California, November 11, 2020 – Today, ATG LED Lighting announced two new customer-support initiatives: LED LIGHTING MADE EASY and MyProject. The new programs aim to eliminate all the stress and uncertainty that can be involved in making critical buying or specifying decisions involving solid-state LED lighting products. Guided by ATG Lighting professionals every step of the way, the programs are great for new construction but are particularly useful for renovation and retrofit projects.


When visiting the ATG website, Clients are invited to TRY Us Now! and are directed to a special landing page where they share details of current lighting projects and review an entire suite of free value added services. This starts the process whereby ATG Lighting professionals can reach out to the client in a method of their choosing and begin assisting with the various elements involved in the decision-making process. People can choose between a variety of free value-added services including site surveys, free layout assistance, rebate assistance and ROI calculations. The program generates great results, takes all the guesswork out of the process while virtually guarantees a successful project!

MyProject Hybrid Shopping Experience

The second aspect of the announcement included the MyProject hybrid shopping experience. When clients, representatives or specifiers click on the MyProject button on the homepage, they are directed to a microsite where they can sign up and establish a free and secure personal account for repeat use. Once the account is established, people are able to shop the ATG LED product line and create individual projects by adding products to their cart. At check out, they can then request any type of assistance they need. There are no financial transactions conducted – just value-added services to help the process. Later individuals can return to the website and add or delete items in their cart, start new projects or review prior projects.

These programs are yet another example of how ATG LED Lighting is raising the bar and differentiating themselves from the competition by offering more than just great light fixtures but delivering a next-level customer experience!

Quick-Ship Program

Atg Quick Ship Prorgram

AS part of the continual growth and focus on making our self more available, ATG LED Lighting has launched a National Quick-Ship Program. This program focuses on providing 24-48 hour shipping service to most of the US through our distribution centers in the West, Central & Eastern regions. Information about ATG’s regional inventories and same day will-call is available on our Regional Stock Guides (West, Central, Eastern).

The Stock Guides are available in both digital and in print format. The digital version includes many hyperlinks to the ATG Led Lighting’s website as well as individual webpages. While visiting the new ATG LED website, visitors can gain access to the Company’s web portal to see real-time inventories and order status by simply completing the ATG NOW! sign up form. For more information, contact your local ATG LED Representative or call ATG at (951) 245-6222.

Read more about our Quick-Ship Program on Edison Report

Discounted Products

Hbcc 3.jpg

G2 LED Low Bay HBCC-90-50-G2

Spec Sheet
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Lowbay 1.jpg

90 Watt Low Bay with Shroud LBCC90-5K

Spec Sheet
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320whb 1.jpg

320W High Bay AES-HB320-ATG50K-D

Spec Sheet
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We engineer the highest quality of cutting-edge LED products

with a standard of excellence in performance, expertise, and customer service.

Contact Us

ATG LED Lighting Joins NEMRA

“We feel the NEMRA rep agency model matches up perfectly with our aggressive growth strategy and core competencies. As a result, we are very pleased we can be in attendance to meet potential new agents that might join our professional network.”Eric Cai, ATG Corporate VP.

Nemra Electrical ManufacturersATG LED Lighting is pleased to make this announcement and as part of our growth strategy we have not only hired new agents but we have also established a network of repoperated distribution centers across the country. ATG’s goal is to be able to supply a 24 – 48 hour freight service to most of the United States. We also seek to enhance and focus even more on our 2-hour will call to the local markets.

Our “in-stock” business model and the millions of dollars in inventory across the country are opening doors for us to be able to expand to the Eastern Region and specifically the Northeast and New England territories.

Who is NEMRA?

As stated in their mission statement: “NEMRA promotes and enhances the value of the independent representative to the electrical industry.” Nemra is a not-for-profit association comprised of 400+ independent sales representatives and 200+ manufacturers in the electrical industry. Read more about their story on their website.

You can read further into this announcement on Edison Report.

LED Wall Pack – One Size, State-of-the-art fixture

Today ATG LED Lighting announced the introduction of the Guard Pack the company’s state of the art full cut-off wall pack. This stylish product is purpose-built directly for LED and accommodates four different wattages (28W – 80W) in one (1) architectural housing! The Guard Pack is available with Type III optics. With effective thermal management, and a corrosion-resistant die cast aluminum enclosure, the GP Wall Pack offers a glare free and uniform lighting thus providing a comfortable visual experience.

Features of this LED Wall Pack

A key feature of this led wall pack is that each wattage configuration includes the option for an emergency driver for compliance with Life Safety Code. Of course, this led wall pack comes controls-ready with a dimming driver standard and a variety of different sensor and controls options to save energy through monitoring both motion and ambient light. Because of its 80+ CRI, this wall pack is excellent for both security and visual experience. The Guard Pack is constructed of durable die-cast aluminum and has an L70 of 80,000 hours for long life. The product it is available in both 120v- 277v and 347v-480v.

Other noteworthy features for this led wall pack are:

  • Firstly, it can be used to replace HIDs up to 400W
  • Secondly it is alkali and salt erosion resistant
  • Thirdly it is maintenance Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • No toxic heavy metals, VOC, or mercury
  • Moreover, this wall pack is compatible with sensors, photocells and EM units
  • In conclusion, this wall pack is UL and DLC Premium listed

The guard pack is in stock now and ready for shipment at an exceptional price point. For a quote, layouts and other services, contact ATG LED or your local agent today! We also invite you to sign up for an ATG NOW account to get the latest news and updates for this and other products.

Product Resources

Atg Led Lighting Guard Pack

ATG Announces the “DUO” Series

ATG LED Lighting has released a completely new family of wattage and color selectable luminaires! The DUO family can be painted after fabrication, fully dimmable, operate with controls, and are DLC Premium listed. These luminaires range from 6inch and 8inch downlights, 2×2 and 2×4 back-lit panels, architectural troffers and troffer retrofit kits.

The DUO family of luminaires gives designers ultimate flexibility allowing them to standardize on one family that can “do it all” and keep up with client’s changing requirements.

Find out more about this release on Eidson Report

ATG Expands Distribution Center Locations

About ATG  LED Lighting's Expansion

ATG LED Lighting is focused on growth and has expanded its distribution center locations. All new authorized reperesentatives own and operate these additional locations and will allow for superior local service and same day will-call in our West Coast markets. Our 53,000 square foot facility located in Montclair, California houses both our corporate offices and a distribution center.

ATG LED Lighting History

ATG was founded back in 2001 with the intent of helping clients reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption. ATG became an early mover in the design & production of LED T8 “Type C” tubes by 2006. ATG now (2020) offers a full line of Indoor & Outdoor luminaires, plus current generation Type A, Type B and PL lamp replacements. In January 2020, ATG announced the formation of ATG LED Lighting as the new lighting division. ATG LED Lighting is known as one of the most reliable suppliers in the industry.

ATG offers a clear alternative to most brands with only the highest quality products, great design, competitive pricing and a 10 Year Warranty on most products. We are available to answer any and all questions regarding our products or company so feel free to give us a call today. Read more about our continual expansion and growth on Edison Report.

Regional Sales V.P. for Central US

Rich MatthewsATG LED Lighting is happy to announce that we have a new Regional Sales Vice President for the Central United States.

With over 37 years of experience; Rich Matthews is a great move towards better finance, management and customer care.

Rich will be overseeing ATG’s professional representative network in both North and South Central regions. His vast knowledge in finance, consumer electronics, telecom and lighting in general has been a big push for ATG’s performance in many areas and rapid expansion. See ATG’s official announcement on Edison Report for more information.

ATG LED Lighting is constantly searching for ways to better it’s product line, customer care and contribution to the LED Lighting Industry. We look forward to assisting every single client we interact with.

Take a look at some of our latest LED Tubes:

ATG’s Aggressive Growth Strategy

Atg Led Growth Customer Satisfaction

ATG LED Lighting is making it easier to quickly gain access to important information on inventory, order status, pricing, financing options and rebates.

We are doing so with the creation of a Rep. Portal and better accessible information on financing, rebates, spec sheets and soon the creation of a member portal to allow for easy product quotes or full on project quotes, newsletters, etc. Read more about his important and exciting announcement on Edison Report.

Customers can now choose their own financing options to increase purchasing power and find available rebates on all of ATG’s qualifying products anywhere in United States. Our goal is to not only be a leader in the LED Lighting industry with our products but also make our website and other ways of communication as user friendly and accessible as possible.

ATG LED Lighting: Always Think Green!

Some of our featured products

Hbcc 3.jpg

G2 LED Low Bay HBCC-90-50-G2

Spec Sheet
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Lowbay 1.jpg

90 Watt Low Bay with Shroud LBCC90-5K

Spec Sheet
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320whb 1.jpg

320W High Bay AES-HB320-ATG50K-D

Spec Sheet
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LED Tube Product Line Expansion

Atg Led Lighting Led Tubes

ATG LED Lighting is delighted to announce a new LED product line expansion and our company’s entrance into the LED Tubes  category!

Our selection of LED Tubes (also known as LED Lamps) are not only professional-grade but also come in popular CCT’s such as 3000K – 5000K with CRI ratings equal to greater than 80. Our selection of LED Tubes are DLC and UL listed, are toxin free and RoHS. Read more about our LED Tubes Product Line Expansion on Edison Report  or visit our LED Tubes section now!

As a replacement for existing linear fluorescent fixtures, our LED Tubes are an ideal and professional energy saving choice. LED Tubes are the ideal choice for buildings/projects that need to be or desire to be “mercury free” and they are a great choice for applications with frequent “on/off” switching cycles.

Take a look at some of our LED Tubes:

Helix G3 High-Bay

Today, ATG LED announced a significant expansion of their high-bay line. Already known as a leader in the high-bay product category, ATG has a significant product offering, including round and rectilinear products, but the announcement of the new HELIX G3 fixture is a major addition.

This new fixture has a round form factor that is perfectly set up to meet the demands of today’s discriminating lighting buyers.

The product is available from 100W all the way through 300W so it can be used in both low-bay and high-bay applications. The Helix G3 is also available in warmer colors (as low as 3500K) which has become so much more popular in recent history.  Of course, it’s available in both universal voltage (120-277V) and high-voltage (347- 480V).

The product is “controls-ready” with a dimming driver standard,  and has an onboard sensor positioned directly in the middle of the fixture so that is perfectly weighted, totally out-dating competitive models with external “bolt-on” sensors that create balance and counter-weight issues.

The HELIX is also DLC Premium at 147 LPW so it qualifies for top tier rebates. rate The fixture carries ATG’s 10 year warranty as standard. With and IP65 rating and superior glare prevention this is a perfect product for your next project!

Please check out our Rep Locator to find your nearest representative for price, availability and applications assistance.

Atg Led Introduces G3 High Bay

Poles Category

Atg Led Lighting - Poles Category

ATG LED Lighting announced another major expansion of their outdoor product line to include POLES. The move comes as ATG broadens it’s line of outdoor luminaires so it’s a good strategic fit to have dedicated pole line. The company will offer a variety of poles in the most popular height and dimensional sizes to accommodate it’s growing line of area lights and floodlights. The company will offer both round and square steel poles for new construction and also a line of “Universal Baseplate” poles for renovation and for emergency retrofit of existing poles. The universal base plates have an expanded bolt slot which will allow adaptation to almost any existing bolt pattern. All poles will be pre-drilled to match ATG luminaire bolt patterns so there will never be any problems in the field with the bolts not lining up. Standard colors will be white, black and bronze but a variety of special colors are available on special order. This move is intended to allow ATG to grow sales and market-share by capturing pole business that would previously go to third-party suppliers. ATG’s poles are Manufactured in the USA, ARRA funding compliant and UL certified. To find out more, check out the Poles section or contact your local agent for more information by visiting the Rep Locator on the website.

Find the right Pole for your outdoor luminaire:

Flood Lighting Brackets Main 1.jpg

Flood Lighting Brackets

Spec Sheet
Select options
Wind Speed Map 1.jpg

Wind Speed Map

Spec Sheet
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Steel Round Straight Pole.jpg

Steel Round Straight Pole

Spec Sheet
Select options
Steel Square Straight Pole.jpg

Steel Square Straight Pole

Spec Sheet
Select options

Archer Area Light

Atg Led Introduces The Archer Area Light

ATG LED Lighting, the Commercial/Industrial lighting division of ATG ELECTRONICS, today announced a significant addition to their outdoor product line. The Company’s latest outdoor area luminaire is branded the ARCHER because it hits all the targets required by discriminating buyers.

With a sleek new look and low EPA, the ARCHER is available in seven different wattages ranging from 60W to 300W making the product perfect for many applications including pedestrian scale lighting all the way to car dealerships. The product comes in various color temperatures (as warm as 3500K) with a variety of optics ranging from a Type II to Type V.

The Archer also comes with six different mounting methods so it can be used as a area light or as a floodlight. “Controls ready” is a must so a  dimming driver is standard with a variety of controls available ranging from bilevel sensors to photocells The product is all also offered with a variety of visors so that glare control is further improved. The ARCHER also carries ATG’s 10-YEAR warranty.

Contact Us today to find your local agent for help with pricing, availability an application engineering assistance.

Product Resources

Salt Lake City Distribution Center

ATG LED Lighting has announced its new SALT LAKE CITY distribution center is now operational with inventory now in stock! The facility is conveniently located at 1939 South 4130 West, Unit B, Salt Lake City, UT 84014 (north of State Route 201 and Bangerter Highway) and is operated by Layton Sales Agency, the Company’s authorized agent.

Layton Sales is stocking the most popular products for the Salt Lake City will-call market, including Indoor luminaires, Outdoor luminaires and lamps.

Layton Sales will continue to add the initial inventory position and listen to customer requests. In keeping with ATG’s dedication to customer experience, Layton Sales will be operating on a 2-hour will-call guarantee from 8AM – 5PM.

To check stock or for order service, please contact: / Phone 801-973-8141 /

California Lighting Sales

California Lighting Sales in Souther California

ATG announces the appointment of California Lighting Sales (“CLS”) as the exclusive sales agent for the Southern California territory. CLS has Headquarters in Irwindale, CA and the appointment also includes the San Diego, CA and Central Coast territories. ATG LED Lighting’s Vice President (Eric Cai), said:

“With deep roots in the specification and distribution communities, CLS is a perfect fit for ATG’s quality product line. With the opening of our brand-new U.S. Headquarters and Distribution Center in Montclair, CLS will take advantage of our large inventory, 2- hour will-call and an array of services offered by ATG, not to mention our flagship agent in our home market.”

More About California Lighting Sales

Founded in 1967, CLS represents the finest lighting and controls manufacturers in the industry, offering clients an unequaled selection of lighting fixtures and controls systems combined with superior lighting expertise, personalized service and the very best in customer support. With one of the most experienced teams of agency salespeople in the West, California Lighting Sales is dedicated to meeting the needs of:

  • Architects
  • Lighting Designers
  • Interior Designers
  • Engineers
  • Contractors

ATG LED Lighting is happy to partner with CLS and have them as a lighting sales agent for our indoor and outdoor led lighting fixtures.